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Do you need outrigger boards for a cherry picker?

4 June 2014

Whether you need outrigger mats or sole boards depends on the cherry picker and ground conditions. You should always inspect the ground before setting up a cherry picker. You will likely need to use outrigger boards when the ground is... soft due to prolonged rain slippery due to rain or prevailing conditions (i.e. on a building site where ground is disturbed regularly) frozen ... more

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When driving a picker at a height what do you have to wear?

2 June 2014

The standard safety equipment for using a boom type platform should be adequate for safety when you're traversing the cherry picker with the cage raised. That is: A full body harness (we recommend ZT Safety Harnesses) A short, adjustable restraint lanyard, fixed to a designated anchorage point inside the cage (the Accon block is very popular) However, before working at height deci ... more

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Do I have to have person at bottom of my cherry picker?

29 May 2014

No, you don't need to have someone at the bottom while you work. However, if you are moving the cherry picker from the cage, it is wise to have someone on the ground who can offer directions. What you must do is ensure no one can accidentally walk under the cherry picker while it is raised. You need barricades of some kind; warning signs and cones are easy to set up and light to move around with ... more

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Can you move a cherry picker about when up in the air?

29 May 2014

Ensure that the cherry picker you are using is designed for it to move with the platform raised or extended. Many are and your hire firm will be able to tell you for certain. As a safety precaution, always walk the route you are going to take before driving it in the 'picker, make sure there is nothing on the ground or overhanging that will block the machine, and if there are power lines nearby ... more

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Does the cage extend on a cherry picker?

4 April 2014

Some models of cherry picker have a cage - the platform that gets lifted in to the air - that extends to give you more work space. This can be very useful if you need a little extra reach to work over the top of something in the way, or if you need a little more elbow room when you're working. Cherry pickers that have extending cages: Bronto Skylift 46 XDT Bronto 61 XDT Bronto 52 XDT Bronto S ... more

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What licence do I need for a 3.5 ton cherry picker?

3 April 2014

You can drive a 3.5 tonne cherry picker on a standard full driving licence. If you passed your test and got your licence before 1994, you can drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonne on your licence. If you passed your test after 1997 and want to tow a trailer, you need to pass an extra test for this. If you passed before 1997 you can pull a trailer. If you are at all unsure whether you are licensed t ... more

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What is a scissor lift?

2 April 2014

A scissor lift is a machine that lifts a person or several people up in to the air. It gets the name from the way the lifting arms under the 'platform' that you stand on are connected together like scissors. They are a very safe way of lifting people up to work at height. On board, you're surrounded by a railing and wear a harness which attaches to the machine, so even if an accident happened a ... more

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Why are outriggers on scissor lifts?

1 April 2014

Outriggers are small legs that a scissor lift uses to brace itself against the ground. Many scissor lifts do not need them, but for models which reach very high, like the Skyjack 9250 they are required. You can see them at the corners of the 9250 in this large picture. Because the 9250 reaches very high - just over 17 metres - it is safer to have outriggers providing a stable footing on the groun ... more

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Can you get a scissor lift inside?

21 March 2014

Most of the scissor lifts we hire, such as the Skyjack 3226 and Haulotte Compact 10N are suitable for both inside and outside work. They run on battery power, so there are no fumes to worry about when you are working in an enclosed space. When using inside, make sure the floor is strong enough to take the weight of the lift, or choose a lighter lift to make sure there are no problems. Models lik ... more

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How much does a cherry picker weigh?

19 March 2014

Our cherry pickers weigh between 595kg for the Nifty 90 and 33,000kg for the Moog 230x. If you add to that the maximum load each machine can carry, the Nifty 90 goes up to 715kg and the Moog to 34,000kg. Every access platform in our hire fleet has their weight listed on their details page. Check out our cherry pickers for hire for the exact information. ... more

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