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Can you get a scissor lift inside?

Most of the scissor lifts we hire, such as the Skyjack 3226 and Haulotte Compact 10N are suitable for both inside and outside work.

They run on battery power, so there are no fumes to worry about when you are working in an enclosed space. When using inside, make sure the floor is strong enough to take the weight of the lift, or choose a lighter lift to make sure there are no problems.

Models like the Upright SL30 can be used outside on slopes up to 35% grade, and have four wheel drive, so aren't made for all inside environments. They are fine in factories and aircraft hangers - they have non-marking tyres to try to avoid leaving streak of rubber on the floor - but might be a problem if you have harder to clean flooring. For more delicate environments you need a model that is lighter and made to have less impact, such as the Nano Zero or Star 10.

If you need to manoeuvre around in a very tight area before setting up the scissor lift, the Power Tower Nano and other models in the Power Tower range may be just what you are looking for.

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