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Can you move a cherry picker about when up in the air?

Ensure that the cherry picker you are using is designed for it to move with the platform raised or extended. Many are and your hire firm will be able to tell you for certain.

As a safety precaution, always walk the route you are going to take before driving it in the 'picker, make sure there is nothing on the ground or overhanging that will block the machine, and if there are power lines nearby, that they are at a safe distance for the whole route.

If there is any uneven surfaces on the route, bear in mind that any knocks or shakes will be significantly worse at the end of the boom and this could be a danger to any workers on the platform. It could also cause the machine to become unstable. If possible, choose another route or lower the boom before crossing those sections.

Never move any MEWP up or down a slope with the platform raised. The centre of balance of the machine moves up when the platform is raised, making it much easier to topple on a slope which would be easily traversed with the platform lowered.

It is good practice to use a banksman or responsible person at ground level to give directions if you are moving a cherry picker using controls within the cage. They can ensure the area around the machine remains clear and there are no obstacles blocking movement.

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