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Can you use a cherry picker on a slope?

You can use a cherry picker or scissor lift on a slope or gradient, as long as it was designed with this in mind.

Look for a 'gradeability' number, it tells you how much gradient the machine can be safely operated on. The Nifty Heightrider 17 and 21 both have excellent ability on slopes and can cope with up to 45% gradeability, or just over 24° of slope.

Our cherry picker best suited to working on a slope is the Nifty X-Trax 12, which can handle 60% grades (almost 31°). Also very good are the Haulotte H16TPX and HA18PX, both able to handle 50% grades (26.5°).

The Rough Terrain Cherry Pickers section of our hire fleet has many machines which are excellent on tough grades, or if you need some advice on choosing the best machine, please call us on 0844 32 64 360 and we'll help you find the right cherry picker for your job.