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Do I have to have person at bottom of my cherry picker?

No, you don't need to have someone at the bottom while you work. However, if you are moving the cherry picker from the cage, it is wise to have someone on the ground who can offer directions.

What you must do is ensure no one can accidentally walk under the cherry picker while it is raised. You need barricades of some kind; warning signs and cones are easy to set up and light to move around with the machine, and are obvious to passersby who may not notice the boom while it is in the air.

Working on the public highway

If your task involves using a platform in an area used by other vehicles or pedestrians, for your own safety and the safety of anyone who could be affected by your work, you must ensure that the whole of the working area is barricaded off by using cones, warning signs, flashing beacons etc.

You can download our free MEWP Operator's Safety Guide which answers this and many other questions, or take an IPAF certified training course which will teach you all of the ins and outs of using a cherry picker.