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Do you need outrigger boards for a cherry picker?

Whether you need outrigger mats or sole boards depends on the cherry picker and ground conditions.

You should always inspect the ground before setting up a cherry picker. You will likely need to use outrigger boards when the ground is...

  • soft due to prolonged rain
  • slippery due to rain or prevailing conditions (i.e. on a building site where ground is disturbed regularly)
  • frozen - this can hide instability
  • delicate, such as internal tiled floors

Or if you have a large machine and the advice in its instruction manual is to always use outriggers and mats/boards.

Bear in mind that if it is raining or snowing, the platform may become too slippery to safely use, even if the cherry picker can be made stable. Although you should always be connected to the cage via a lanyard and harness, they only help so much and falling from or even inside a cherry pickers cage is very dangerous, even with the right safety equipment.

If you're unsure when to use certain equipment, you could benefit from one of our IPAF certified cherry picker training courses, which are available from our centres all across the UK.