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Does the cage extend on a cherry picker?

Some models of cherry picker have a cage - the platform that gets lifted in to the air - that extends to give you more work space. This can be very useful if you need a little extra reach to work over the top of something in the way, or if you need a little more elbow room when you're working.

Cherry pickers that have extending cages:

Bronto Skylift 46 XDT
Bronto 61 XDT
Bronto 52 XDT
Bronto S50 XDT-J
Moog 230x (under bridge unit)

Scissor lifts that have extending cages:

Haulotte Optimum 8
Haulotte Compact 12DX
Skyjack 3219
Skyjack 4632
Skyjack 8831 4x4