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How much weight can a cherry picker carry?

Cherry pickers have a 'safe working load' set by the manufacturer. This is how much the combined weight of the worker and tools the machine can lift up in to the air. Too much weight means the cherry picker can become unstable, so it is important to keep within the weight limit for safety.

All of the machines in our hire fleet have their safe working load listed. The smallest is for the Nifty 90, which can lift 120kg (18 stone, 12 lbs.) The largest machines, the Aichi 14 and Moog 230x, can both carry up to 1,000kg (157 stone and 6 lbs.)

On average, the small to mid-sized machines can carry 200-230kg (31 stone 7 lbs to 36 stone 3 lbs.) As the machines get larger, they can carry more weight.

Is there an operator weight limit on a cherry picker?

Only in as much as there is an overall weight limit. As long as the operator and tools are within the weight limit, the cherry picker is fine with lifting them.

However, in the past it has been difficult to find safety harnesses big enough to fit larger operators. Most harnesses are built to support up to 100kg (16 stone) of user weight. If you are over 16 stone and need a harness, go to ZT Safety Systems, they have designed their harnesses to suit users up to 150kg (23.5 stone), and they can build harnesses for greater weight on a bespoke basis.

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