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Copyright Policy

The photographs held on the facelift website are owned outright by Facelift (GB) Ltd. who also own the copyright on all images, with the exception of those in the 'Rogues Gallery'. The copyright for those images found in the rogues gallery remains with the photographer and therefore authorisation cannot be obtained through Facelift (GB) Ltd.

Unless specific permission is given in writing by copyright@facelift.co.uk no photographs can be altered or doctored in any way.

Non-commercial Use by private individuals

You may make use of the photographs for private study provided they are not used for commercial gain. Users may therefore print a single copy of the photographs for use, for example in university or college presentations.

Reproduction on the Internet

Anyone who would like to reproduce any of the photographs on a web site should first contact Facelift (GB) Ltd and gain written permission by copyright@facelift.co.uk

Reproduction for commercial Use/Publication

Editors of any magazine/publication wishing to use any of these photographs can do for free providing that the context in which they are to be used is Beneficial to the owner, or the powered access industry as a whole. They are not to be used unless permission has been gained in advance from copyright@facelift.co.uk if they are to be used in ANY context that might in ANY way be detrimental to either Facelift (GB) Ltd or the powered access industry as a whole.

Any Company wishing to use any photograph in their own corporate marketing must first gain permission From Facelift (GB) Ltd via copyright@facelift.co.uk