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Health and Safety Downloads: IPAF MEWPs Categories Poster

IPAF MEWPs Categories Poster

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The IPAF training programme adopted new MEWPs categories from 1 January 2008. These category changes do not affect the training received and existing PAL Cards (Powered Access Licences) remain valid as specified. Existing PAL Card holders do not need to get their cards changed.

The new IPAF categories, with abbreviations and brief explanations, are:

Static Vertical (1a): Vertical personnel platforms (static)

Static Boom (1b): Self-propelled booms (outriggers), trailers/push-arounds, vehicle-mounted platforms

Mobile Vertical (3a): Scissor lifts, vertical personnel platforms (mobile)

Mobile Boom (3b): Self-propelled booms

Push Around Vertical (PAV): Push around verticals

Special (SPECIAL): Specialist machines

The following courses continue unchanged:
• Mast Climbing Work Platforms (MCWP)
• Insulated Aerial Devices (IAD)
• Telehandler Platforms – Integrated (TPI)
• Harness Use and Inspection (H)
• Loading and Unloading (LOAD)
• MEWPs for Managers (MM)

Current PAL Card holders who need to replace lost cards will be issued duplicate cards with the original categories they have been trained in. This is because the categories listed on the PAL Card reflect the training received. Those who re-train or do upgrades from 1 January 2008 onwards will be issued with the new categories.

Site managers can check the validity of PAL Cards by calling the IPAF office.