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Health and Safety Downloads: HSE - Selecting equipment for work at height

HSE - Selecting equipment for work at height

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Selecting equipment for work at height.
What factors do you
need to consider?
Working conditions
When deciding which type of equipment is most suitable for
a particular task, consider the following:
¦ slopes or poor ground conditions;
¦ obstructions, eg steelwork or overhangs;
¦ fragile surfaces;
¦ floor loading.
Distance to be climbed
Portable ladders are less suitable for higher climbs,
particularly if loads are carried. Where possible, provide
temporary stairs or scaffold access towers with internal
stairs, rather than portable ladders.
Duration and frequency of use
Longer duration or regular jobs generally justify a better
standard of fall protection, eg a tower scaffold, podium step or
cherry picker rather than a ladder or stepladder. A ladder or
stepladder may be acceptable for short duration tasks, eg
replacing a light bulb when building a tower or podium would
not be reasonable because the task itself takes only a few
seconds to do. But, installing several rows of light bulbs or
fluorescent strips in a false ceiling refurbishment may justify the
use of a tower or podium steps because the task takes longer.