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Denka DL22N Narrow access platforms for hire

An ideal spider platform to use when you have very narrow access to your work site or need a light machine to avoid damaging floors. The Denka DL22N can fit through gaps just 89cm wide, and lift you up to a maximum height of 22m. It is battery operated, so fume free. You can hire one from us with a fully trained operator, or on a self operated basis.

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Working height22m
Working outreach11.95m
Safe working load200Kg
Basket rotation90 deg
Working width3.5m - 4.6m
Stowed width0.89m
Height stowed2.14m
Platform size0.8m x 1.16m
Max point loading0.01 kg/mm² *


  • Available with a fully trained operator or self operated
  • Compulsory Facelift IPAF training required for self operated hires
  • On site drive system
  • Removable cage
  • Narrow stowed width of 0.89M allows it to fit through a standard door way
  • Cage rotation
  • Hydraulic outriggers
  • Battery powered
  • Variable jacking gives added flexibility for set up in confined areas
  • Can be charged whilst working
  • 110v outlet in the cage

* Point loadings can be reduced by the use of additional sole boards. For further information please contact us at technicalenquires@facelift.co.uk

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Denka DL22N
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Additional Information

Giving great reach for such a light machine, our Denka DL22N machines have been used within many shopping centres, airports and high end office buildings.