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Dingli AMWP 11.5 - 8100 self propelled mast lift for hire

The Dingli AMWP11.5 - 8100 self-propelled boom has advantages such as a light structure, convenient operation, safety, reliability and being battery powered. It has been designed for internal use and is suitable for narrow areas such as warehouses and supermarkets.

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Working height11.2m
Working outreach3m
Safe working load200kg
Working width1m
Stowed width1m
Height stowed1.99m
Platform size0.62 x 0.87m


  • 345° turret rotation
  • Proportional controls
  • Non marking tyre
  • Drivable at full height
  • Automatic pothole protection

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Dingli AMWP 11.5-8100
Pictures of the Dingli AMWP 11.5-8100 Working diagram for Dingli AMWP 11.5-8100 Operator's guide
Terms and conditions Damage waiver Specification sheet for Dingli AMWP 11.5-8100