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Bronto Skylift 46 XDT Truck Mounted Access Platform for hire

At 18 tonnes, the Skylift 46 XDT is only half the weight of alternative truck mounted platforms with the same reach. The extending cage can carry 600kg of workers and equipment up to a working height of 46m and an outreach of 24m. The excellent reach combined with variable jacking and an extra long fly boom make for a very versatile cherry picker, able to handle a multitude of jobs in all conditions. Hiring one from us includes a fully trained operator.

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Working height46m
Working outreach24.8m
Safe working load600Kg
Basket rotation90 deg
Working width2.8m / 4.5m / 6.2m
Stowed width2.5m
Height stowed3.7m
Max point loading0.030 kN/cm² *


  • Only available with a fully trained operator
  • Super silent diesel engine
  • Variable 4 leg jacking for confined spaces
  • 110v outlet in the cage
  • Ground to cage communication system
  • 360 ° (Non Continuous) Rotating cage
  • TV cage available
  • Extending cage
  • Increased overreach with extra long fly jib
  • Telescopic fly jib
  • Mounted on a 18 tonne chassis for increased flexibility on confined sites

* Point loadings can be reduced by the use of additional sole boards. For further information please contact us at technicalenquires@facelift.co.uk

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Bronto S46 XDT
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Additional Information

Our Skylift 46s have been hired for a huge variety of jobs. They've been all over the country, helping check windmills, fix warehouse roofs, reach across and down to awkwardly placed buildings, and helped clean and check buildings both new and old. The flexibility of the Skyjack 46 XDT is unsurpassed.