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Bronto Skylift 52 XDT Boom Truck for hire

Good for carrying decent levels of tools and equipment to height, the Skylift 52 XDT has an up-and-over fly jib to help you get in just the right position, no matter how awkward the placement. With one sided and variable jacking, the platform takes up the minimum space possible in crowded sites. Hiring includes a fully trained operator and we have options for a TV cage, expandable cage, or a crane attachment.

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Working height52m
Working outreach34m
Safe working load600Kg
Basket rotation90 deg
Working width2.8m / 5.4m / 8m
Stowed width2.5m
Height stowed3.9m
Platform size2.4m x 1.05m x 1.1m
Max point loading0.030 kN/cm² *


  • Only available with a fully trained operator
  • Variable 4 leg jacking for confined spaces
  • 110v outlet in the cage
  • Ground to cage communication system
  • 360° (Non Continuous) Rotating cage
  • TV cage available
  • Extending cage
  • Up and over fly jib
  • Telescopic fly jib
  • New: Crane attachment available
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* Point loadings can be reduced by the use of additional sole boards. For further information please contact us at technicalenquires@facelift.co.uk

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Bronto S52 XDT
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Additional Information

Able to reach up to great heights, then out to awkward positions while still carrying heavy loads, the Skylift 52 is popular with glaziers and window cleaners. The TV cage, 110v power outlet, and ability to squeeze in to surprisingly tight spaces in city streets makes it a favourite of film crews.