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The City of London and working at height

The City of London and working at height

20 March 2012 Email this article

The City of London classes both window cleaning and the use of suspended access equipment as a high risk activity. As such, there are annual inspections, in support of the HSE Falls from Height Priority Programme and it is involved at the planning application stage for large developments - to minimise risk to 'As Low As Reasonably Practicable', in line with the HSE policy. 

Being  aware of the unavoidable risks involved in the development of major city buildings, (associated with the use of suspended or facade access equipment for window cleaning and building maintenance), The City of London is pro-active in its approach to setting standards for working at height - engaging with architects, planners and designers from early on - to minimise risks and promote health and safety for the future use of the building. 

The City Of London District Surveyors Office deals with Building Control throughout the square mile and has been since the London fire of 1666. The office is a short distance away from any City site - ready to give on-site assistance and advice for working at height. They support any size project - from the smallest projects to landmark developments - and encourage businesses to contact them early on, rather than waiting until the application is ready.

National bodies working in partnership with the HSE, also represent The City of London and industries such as the Federation of Window Cleaners - who review guidance on safety in window cleaning and actively engage with and support initiatives with other local authorities facing similar issues. 

Please see below for a Code of Practice for Developers on the Design and Installation of Suspended and Facade Access Equipment in the City of London. This has been designed by The City of London with London's Building Control Services - to guide developers, architects, designers and installers through the process of minimising risks, to help meet their responsibilities under CDM.