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1 October 2012 Email this article

They may have only just formed, but IPAF’s new UK Council is already making significant changes. In the first ever meeting of the IPAF UK Country Council the group voted to make accident reporting a condition of IPAF membership for UK rental companies.

This means that as of 2013, IPAF rental company members in the UK are required to report any known aerial lift accidents involving their staff on the IPAF accident database.

The data about accidents collected by IPAF will be used to help indicate the most common high risk behaviours and subsequently be used to implement changes which will make the industry safer.

Businesses can report any accidents via the IPAF website.

While the initial mandate is for UK rental companies to just report all ‘lost time’ incidents for their employees, IPAF is encouraging all businesses to report all accidents, near misses and contractor incidents that they are aware of in order to increase the quality of the data the organisation can gather.

Discussing the new rules IPAF technical officer Chris Wraith, said: “Companies who commit to report accidents at the IPAF database will be able to confidentially record data and create their own register of accidents. The system requires companies to ‘sign off’ monthly on their accident records.

“In return, a dashboard feature analyses the company data in a graphical format, providing a management tool to monitor safety performance. Individual companies will be able to compare their safety performance against aggregated results from across all rental company members and recognised industry benchmarks. IPAF’s accident reporting system gives the industry the means to comprehensively collect and analyse accident data and at the same time provide a valuable management tool to improve safety in the workplace.”

All manufacturers, rental companies, contractors and users are encouraged to report any known fatal and serious accidents involving MEWPs worldwide.

Anything that will help employees work at height safely sounds like a good idea us.