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£500 apprentice support grant

£500 apprentice support grant

29 September 2019 Email this article

 As trailed in the CITB Business Plan in May 2019, from 1 August 2019 a £500 apprentice support grant is being piloted by CITB for small businesses taking on apprenticeships to help with initial costs.

The support grant will be made available to all employers who pay no levy, or the reduced rate of levy, for every apprentice that starts college or begins an apprenticeship with another training provider.

The aim is to encourage employers to take on an apprentice who may not otherwise have done so. 

This boost is a part of CITB’s commitment to ensure there is a talent pool sufficient to meet the needs of construction and is in addition to significant increases in apprenticeship grant, which has seen a three-year apprenticeship package achieving 2 levels increase from £10,250 to £14,500. 

Who can apply?

  • Employers whose new apprentice started at college or with another training provider from 1 August 2019
  • Employers who have a combined PAYE and Net CIS sub-contractor wage bill of below £400,000 as declared on their 2019 Levy Return
  • Employers whose levy details and payments are up to date
  • Newly registered employers 

Mark Noonan, CITB Industry Relations Director, said: “We know how important apprentices are to the construction industry, and through our conversations with employers last year we know that taking on an apprentice is costly, especially for smaller businesses.  

“By helping to add apprentices to supply chains, this helps to ensure there is a talent pool sufficient to meet the needs of construction.” 

Employers can claim for every eligible apprentice - applicants need to apply within 20 weeks of their apprentice starting at college or with another training provider.