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A+A Dusseldorf - ZT Safety Harness

A+A Dusseldorf - ZT Safety Harness

27 October 2011 Email this article

Facelift recently purchased some new award winning fall arrest harnesses from ZT Safety Systems. Paddy Orrell Reports

The harness is an international award winner having won the IAPA “Contribution to safe working at Height” so we were really interested to find out more about the history of the ZT. We caught up with Steve Morris, CEO of ZT Safety Systems, at Safety’s No.1 Show for PPE, A+A in Dusseldorf where they were exhibiting their new range of harnesses for the first time.


“In 2009 we attended A+A with the aim of researching the target market for the ZT harness and to understand further the limitations with traditional harnesses. Scroll forward a tough couple of years involving intense product development, testing and research the 2011 A+A exhibition is now the springboard for the International launch of the ZT Safety Harness, with the chance to finally show the progress and improvements made in harness design following the hard work of the last two years.


The exhibition stand, was extremely busy though-out the 4 days of the show. A mixture of potential users, admirers of innovation and safety professionals came along to see the revolutionary harness design. They were all keen to see the new harness and we had many great words of encouragement, the pick of which came on the second day for ZT with one visitor labelling our harness as "the best innovation for working at height at the show".


The A+A show itself proved once again to be an exciting place to spend 4 days, with plenty of fantastic innovations. The innovation team are already in full flow working on a couple of ideas and there may also be the chance collaborate with some existing new products from the show so it will be interesting again to see how much more progress has been made by A+A in 2013.”


ZT had on show a range of Harness types including; a full coverall, high vis and a flame retardant version, they also previewed a new corporate video to give attendees a quick insight into harness's key features and benefits.


Watch the video here


Clearly there are lots more ideas and innovations being prepared by ZT and with several large access companies already benefiting from their revolutionary new harness it is a company we are excited to be working to ensure our long term goal of providing a safe working environment for the Facelift Team for future success.


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