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A miraculous escape

A miraculous escape

18 December 2015 Email this article

Two men survived a high speed collision with the counterweight from a foundation crane in Singapore on Wednesday

The incident, captured on a dash mounted camera, shows the crane mast catching up on the branches of a tree causing the superstructure to rapidly slew through 90 degrees throwing its counterweight off directly into the cab of the oncoming truck. 

The passenger, 60, simply climbed out through the broken windscreen, while the driver, 29, had to be cut free by the emergency services. The two men complained of chest pains and the driver had a head injury. Both were taken to hospital, where they were said to be conscious and in stable condition. 

Thankfully it looks as though these two men have been very lucky indeed. The driver with the crane on board was taking it back to depot, and said that he had driven down the road many times without a problem. However it did look as though the crane superstructure slew was not properly locked? And the superstructure had probably not been tied down. 

Hopefully it will serve as a reminder for any drivers who regularly deliver equipment such as cranes and boom lifts etc that have slewing superstructures. A free slewing load is one of the most dangerous things on the road and incidents usually end fatally for oncoming traffic.