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An Inspired choice

An Inspired choice

20 July 2001 Email this article
There has been a cathedral in Lichfield for over 1300 years. The present day cathedral dates from around 1800 and attributes it?s appearance to Sir Gilbert Scott who tried to restore the building to its pre Civil War glory. Unfortunately in doing so he made it one of the hardest buildings in England to maintain. Thankfully, Facelift Access Hire has recently invested in a new mechanical access platform that can help. Facelift?s new Bronto S62MDT has been employed to enable architects and stonemasons to inspect many areas of the structure that have been inaccessible up until now without the use of conventional and expensive scaffolding. This has enabled all areas of concern to be surveyed saving huge amounts of time and money, whilst allowing the public to see the building in its full glory. The Bronto has a 62-metre maximum working height and 37-metre maximum outreach.