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Nifty X-Trax 12 trials the new Aquarius road rail trailer

Nifty X-Trax 12 trials the new Aquarius road rail trailer

28 July 2012 Email this article

The Road Rail Trailer revolutionises the transportation of small rubber tracked cherry pickers such as the Nifty X-Trax12 plant to the track worksite. Currently track maintenance has to be done manually or with expensive road rail machines. Now there is a better alternative.

The Road Rail Trailer is towed by an Aquarius Land Rover RRV. It is a cost effective and efficient solution for the delivery of small tracked machines and personnel from the depot to the track worksite.

The Road Rail Trailer:

Delivers to track worksite from the depot

No transferring at the access point

Reduces logistics with no requirement to pre-deliver machinery to the access

No expensive low loader delivery

No vandalism and parking issues, machine gets taken to worksite in one continuous process, not left unattended

Personnel rail transport as part of the package

One Road Rail Trailer for multiple uses as it is able to transport a variety of rubber tracked machinery and tools with its 2.7 tonne payload and with plant dimensions of up to 1200mm x 2400mm

The Road Rail Trailer will be available from October 2012, with a flat deck trailer for larger plant following soon after.The Road Rail Trailer revolutionises the transportation of rubber tracked plant to the track side without the need to transfer at the trackside with personnel transport included. Suitable to carry a large range of rubber tracked vehicles including, cherry pickers, excavators, chippers, telescopic cranes and drill rigs.

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