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Boom lift jump goes wrong

Boom lift jump goes wrong

11 March 2016 Email this article

A former Australian rugby league player Bryan Fletcher broke his ribs and punctured his lung, when a television stunt involving a jump from a self-propelled boom lift went wrong yesterday.

Fletcher and fellow rugby player Nathan Hindmarsh were carrying out the ‘Blob’ stunt at Darling Harbour for the Matty Johns Show, to promote the Nitro Circus. 

The idea is that the two jumped from the platform of the 125ft JLG 1250AJP boom lift onto the larger section of an inflatable floating ‘blob’, while another man stands on the smaller end. As the two land the impact catapults the third man – stuntman Ethan Roberts – into the air. They were attempting to break an 18 metre catapult height record, and at least succeeded in that aim, claiming Roberts achieved 20 metres. In case you ask – platform capacity at 16 metres is 450kg or 230kg at full reach. It looks like the boom as around 16 metres out – just as well with three big men and equipment in the platform. 

Fletcher however landed badly, suffering the injuries noted above. Nitro Circus chief executive Mike Porra said: "I am very sorry to hear of the injury sustained today by Bryan Fletcher whilst participating in a stunt to promote our up and coming Nitro Circus tour. Both guys were very gracious to agree to help us with this stunt and showed great courage, and want to thank them for being a big part of the successful world record of firing Nitro's Ethen Roberts more than 60 feet in the air off the other end of the ‘blob’.

At least the cameraman was wearing a harness, have a safe weekend.