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Bronto 61XDT surveys St Peters Church Brighton

Bronto 61XDT surveys St Peters Church Brighton

3 November 2010 Email this article

St Peters Church has an iconic position on York Place in Brighton, known affectionately as the 'Brighton Cathedral', the structure was built in 1825 and the weather has taken its toll. The ornate and impressive church required structural survey to be carried out on masonry of its spires. HMDW Architects from Chichester working with the Clergy of St Peters Church brought in Facelift  for their access equipment expertise. 

Following a pre site survey and further understanding of the needs of the architects, the Bronto 61XDT was selected for use as there was a need for several persons to be carried, and for its height and outreach capabilities. The Bronto is an incredibly robust machine and one of the largest truck mounted cherry pickers available in the UK, the Bronto truck mount provides exceptional stability and simple to control precision manoeuvrability. Both the architects and the clergy were delighted with the platform operator and machines performance.