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FMB Research dispels myth of tea drinking builders

FMB Research dispels myth of tea drinking builders

30 September 2018 Email this article

Builders spend 2 ½ years driving their van over the course of their working lives and almost one year trying to locate a particular tool, according to new research by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).

The FMB asked thousands of builders across the UK how many minutes they spend each day carrying out certain tasks. The figures reveal that over their career, an average builder will spend the equivalent of:

  • 2 years and 9 months talking to clients
  • 2 years and 6 months driving their van
  • 2 years and 6 months at the builders merchants
  • 2 years and 1 month training or supervising junior colleagues or apprentices
  • 1 year and 9 months eating lunch
  • 11 months trying to locate a particular tool
  • 6 months making tea

Commenting on the research, Brian Berry, chief executive of the FMB, said: “This new research dispels the myth that builders spend a big chunk of their time drinking tea. In reality, if builders are downing their tools for any reason, it's so they can chat to their customers and ensure they have happy clients. Less surprisingly, over the course of their working lives, your average builder will spend two and a half years driving their van and two and a half years shopping for materials at their local builders’ merchants. Of all the activities that might typically fill a builder’s working day, making tea trails at the bottom of the list.”

Berry concluded: “Excellent communication with clients is just one of the qualities that top class builders in the UK have. Today, the FMB is launching the Master Builder Awards 2019, which aims to seek out and celebrate the very best builders in our industry. The Awards highlight examples of high-quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, high standards and building excellence. Too often, the minority of dodgy builders give the whole industry a bad name. The Master Builder Awards are all about dispelling any misconceptions and showcasing the quality builders who help home owners and clients realise their building ambitions."