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Canairy app - Will it help?

Canairy app - Will it help?

29 September 2019 Email this article

Time to Breathe is offering Canairy, the world’s first free mobile app to help employers and workers minimise the risks of polluted air to outdoor workers. Built in partnership between British Safety Council and King’s College London. Canairy, the highly innovative British Safety Council mobile app, has been created in partnership with King’s College London and will provide real-time information about air pollution levels for London-based employers and workers.

It calculates a user’s hourly exposure to nitrogen dioxide, ozone and the tiny particulates (PM2.5 and PM10), drawing on King’s Nowcast map of current air pollution in London, and compares these exposure levels to WHO guidance. 

it provides workers with information to help them avoid the worst levels of pollution during their work.

It gives employers insights to inform health risk assessments and work scheduling that will reduce exposure for the long-term.

Watch the youtube video

More information on how Canairy works, WHO limit values and the exposure data it collects is here.