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Cherry picker capers in Gloucester and Leeds

Cherry picker capers in Gloucester and Leeds

4 February 2019 Email this article

Cherry pickers in Gloucester and Leeds have been no strangers to adventure in the past few weeks after two models were commandeered, once by criminals and once by the crime-fighters trying to apprehend a thief who had got himself into a tight spot.

Gloucester Live reported that earlier this month a group of youths took a cherry picker for an illicit spin around Quedgeley Retail Park, an out-of-town shopping centre, before police intervened, with one social media wag teasing that he betted “that was the cherry on top of a fun shift” for the police officers involved.

Similarly, inews reports that on Christmas Eve, a criminal got stuck on the roof of a Greggs bakery after trying to break in. After agreeing to come down – albeit not before causing around £2,000 worth of damage – a cherry picker was used to apprehend the thief and take him to safety.