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 Cherry picker hire - Repair guttering.

Cherry picker hire - Repair guttering.

4 January 2011 Email this article

The recent severe weather has caused extensive damage to guttering and roof tops across the UK. Even central London, despite its milder climate, has had its share of damage to gutters, however what is normally a time consuming and expensive situation to put right, can be done swiftly with the hire of a cherry picker. This avoids the dangers of using ladders where the balancing act of maintaining a grip whilst holding tools and making repairs puts you at risk of serious injury. This was the case for the example shown, the damage occurred to the guttering following slow melting snow, later refreezing in the gutters, this caused them to block with the build up of ice and eventually pulling a 4 foot section of guttering from its mounts.

The Ascendant 17 self drive platform was used to access the roof of the Victorian property in North London and to make the repairs. The cage or platform of the cherry picker allowed tools to be taken up to the work place and to work in the safest manner to make the repair. Once the repairs were made there was plenty of time to use the platform to check and clear all other guttering and any loose tiles or brickwork that may have been damaged by the ice and snow.

The use of a cherry picker is particularly cost effective if a number of house holds are affected, or where the hirer has a number of properties to attend to.

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