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Cherry picker rescue for driver who managed to 'crash' up a telegraph pole

Cherry picker rescue for driver who managed to 'crash' up a telegraph pole

2 April 2016 Email this article

Incredible rescue of Tennessee woman who somehow crashed UP a telephone pole and was suspended for TWO HOURS in high-voltage wires. The freakiest of 'freak accidents' occurred Friday evening, police say, when a 56-year-old unnamed Tennessee woman managed to drive UP a telephone pole and get tangled in high-voltage wires for hours until rescue crews could bring her down.

The accident occurred around 11.30pm in Medina, police told The Jackson Sun, when the woman's car went off-road, hit a fence and drove up a guy-wire connecting the pole to the ground.

She then drove up the pole itself until her front tire caught on a wire at the top, leaving her suspended in the air, in a scene captured by WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News. Astonishingly, the woman was not seriously injured.

But though emergency crews were quickly notified by those in the residential area, rescue crews were not able to bring down the woman straight away.

'We had to call the power company and got them there because the pole that she was hanging from was connected to a high voltage power line,' Rollins told WBBJ 7. 

The power company feared that a broken line might not only result in the car dropping to the ground, it could also knock out power to the whole area, he said.

The woman had to wait two hours before emergency crews were able to use a power company's cherry picker to extract her from the car at around 1.30am.She was taken by ambulance to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital and later released.

Police say speed was a factor in her extraordinary predicament, but denied that alcohol, drugs, distractions or medical conditions were involved.

The car was later lowered down to the ground and taken away on a flatbed truck.

Reports circulated that bottles fell out of the vehicle when it was being lowered, but local resident Jeff Wilson, whose house is next to the scene of the extraordinary crash, denied the claim to WBBJ 7.

'I never saw any bottles fall out the truck,' he said. 'The pictures I took and the videos I took, I can’t say that I did.'

Police have not released the woman's name, and at the time of writing, she had not been charged with any crime.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3512069