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CITB announces plans that will make it 'fit for the future'

CITB announces plans that will make it 'fit for the future'

31 August 2013 Email this article

Ahead of its 50th anniversary, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has announced changes to its board that it hopes will make it 'fit for the future'.

Chairman James Wates said: "The CITB board wishes to ensure that over the next decade the CITB remains relevant to the sector and of increased value in a changing world with an evolving economy,". Mr Wates continued: "As part of the Triennial Review, the board wishes to position the future of CITB, as a modern and forward thinking organisation equipped to advise government on delivering a highly trained and suitably qualified workforce of the future, and in being responsive to the needs of the construction industry.

Mr Wates outlined that one of the key changes will be to the organisation's board, which will be 'smaller, more diverse and better skilled'. He also stated that in order to support the work of the new Board, there would be a larger CITB Council, with a wide range of stakeholders from across the three nations, regions and sectors. It is hoped that this group will provide a collective 'voice', offering insight into the challenges and opportunities faced across the industry.

Concluding, Mr Wates said: "Construction has always played its part in economic recovery and growth. The strategic re-structuring conducted alongside/feeding into the Triennial Review is a perfect opportunity to ensure the CITB's relevance and influence and to ensure that the sector is fit for modern purpose. Consultation with industry is underway on how best to deliver this modern and efficient governance structure for CITB."