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CITB releases statement on card fraud

CITB releases statement on card fraud

1 November 2015 Email this article

CITB statement regarding card fraud in the construction industry.  Carl Rhymer, Delivery and Customer Engagement Director at the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), said:

“We know card fraud poses a serious threat to the UK construction industry and we are tackling this head-on.

“In July 2014, CITB’s Executive Team doubled our spend on fraud investigations, which has led to five internet testing centres being shut down, with eight other centres under investigation.

“We suspended the contract for WEP Testing Centre, which featured on Newsnight on 21 October back in August this year, and today we closed another test centre that our investigations showed had carried out fraudulent tests.

“We are working with CSCS to revoke fraudulent cards wherever they are found, which has in some cases helped trigger investigations into suspect testing centres.”

Mr Rhymer went on to say that the CITB is accelerating its plans to install mandatory CCTV in all testing centres to monitor footage for signs of fraudulent activity, and that it has launched a series of spot-checks on test centres to act as a deterrent. He also added that the CITB’s intelligence suggests that card fraud is focused in a small minority of the 544 testing centres across the country.