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Close shave shows harness in action

Close shave shows harness in action

1 December 2017 Email this article

Industry magazine Vertikal has published a video showing how the right health and safety precautions really do make a difference.

While cleaning the glass window of a shop in Bournemouth using a truck mounted platform, a worker somehow managed to fall out of the basket. However, thanks to his harness, he was suspended in air rather than falling. Additionally, there was clearly someone on the ground who knew how to operate the machine from the lower controls, meaning that he could be brought back down to earth before suspension trauma set in.

However, as the magazine noted, there was still room for improvement: “If he had been using a shorter lanyard, as recommended, he might not have fallen in the first place and his private regions might be feeling a little less tormented today,” their writer said. Overall, however, this was definitely a good news story, demonstrating “how a harness can save you from serious injury or death, even when your lanyard is too long.” The writer concludes “That’s progress – It might be a while though before our man walks normally or loses the soprano voice.”

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