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Congratulation to F100 winner – Wayne Beer

Congratulation to F100 winner – Wayne Beer

The winner of this month’s F100 Photography competition is Wayne Beer, from Kent, whose company used a Bronto S50XTD-J from Facelift to install CCTV cameras.

His business has been using the Facelift for some time after reliability issues with “lesser companies”. For this job, he explained, it was crucial that the machine in question was incredibly stable as they were installing a CCTV camera at the top of a radio mast some 35 metres up and in Wayne’s words “Trying to connect cables and adjust things swaying in the breeze just isn’t an option”

Thanks to Wayne for sending in this shot. Everyone can enter the F100 competition - so if you too happen to glimpse one of our machines, why not take a picture and you could win £100!

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