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Construction site safety continues to improve

Construction site safety continues to improve

28 November 2015 Email this article


Figures from the HSE show that the construction industry’s safety record has improved dramatically over the past year.

A recent report from the body shows that the number of fatalities in the building sector has fallen from 44 in 2013/14 to 35 between 2014 and 2015.  This latest figure is 20% below the five-year average recorded since 2010 and a drop of more than half on the number seen 15 years ago.

There was a decrease in the amount of fatalities recorded over the last five years, with the report showing a fall of more than a quarter.

From 2010 to 2015, there were 217 fatalities on construction sites compared to 304 in the period between 2005 and 2010, representing a decrease of 28%, the HSE’s annual Safety in Construction Report found.

The findings reveal that falls from height were the biggest cause of fatalities between 2010 and 2015, causing 97 of the total amount. A further 28 were caused by workers getting trapped by something collapsing, making this the second biggest factor. Moving vehicles were the third biggest cause of fatalities, resulting in a total of 21 injuries

Workplace injuries have also plummeted over the last decade, standing at around 3,000 for every 100,000 workers in 2014/15, down from 4,000 10 years ago.

Some 65,000 workers were affected by an injury in the workplace, while 69,000 members of staff - or just 3% of the total workforce - had a work-related illness.

In total, the figures mean that there were 1.2 million lost working days as a result of work-related sickness and 500,000 caused by injuries at work.