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Death wishes from Vertikal

Death wishes from Vertikal

29 February 2016 Email this article

The latest additions to Vertikals “Death Wish” series certainly don’t disappoint. The first, sent in by one of the magazine’s readers shows three men misusing a material elevator, riding the unprotected load deck/platform with a large panel sheet. The reader in question was concerned about what behaviour like this does for the reputation of the access industry, commenting: “What I find most galling about this is the fact that as with the access industry those working in industry are trying to promote elevators as a safe alternative and idiots like these completely undercut that message”.

“I would be interested to read the method statement for this job, as I am sure that it didn't include ‘We'll get a couple of idiots to clamber all over a load deck, not designed for lifting personnel and totally unprotected, while the operator turns a blind eye”.  

A second “death wish” image from the magazine shows how Two men used a swing stage/suspended platform to descent from the roof of a large high rise being built in Mid-town Atlanta by Balfour Beatty. A floors down the stop and clamber out of the platform onto the open balcony. 

Why they did not use the perfectly good passenger hoist that was operational at the time is a mystery. To be fair the two were harnessed to the long ropes up to the roof, but would have dropped a good three or four metres before their lanyards would have caught them swinging them into the structure as they fell. 

There were plenty of other examples of men working on ladders on the open balconies. But again it is important to stress that all of them were wearing harnesses and all of them attached them to the vertical ropes once the ladders were positioned and before climbing on them.