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   F100 Winner – 'For the love of dogs'

F100 Winner – 'For the love of dogs'

31 May 2016 Email this article

This month’s F100 winner is this picture of a Facelift Haulotte RT Scissor being used by a graffiti artist to reach the top of a building in Brighton as he covers it in portraits of dogs [to raise awareness of the work of the charity Dogs Trust]. The picture was taken by Russell Woodward, Facelift’s sales manager.

The Brighton based artist who created the work Sinna One stated 'This was a great project to work on and the first time that I have ever painted dog portraits. The project was born after the Brighton Festival team wanted something inspired by this year’s guest director’s love of dogs. American artist, Laurie Anderson performed a concert for dogs during the festival and a competition was run by the festival for dog owners to have pictures of their dog painted. The project took ten days and in that time i received lots of great feedback as well as other dog owners trying to talk me in to adding ‘just one more dog’.'

You can see the completed mural on Kensington Street, Brighton.

This mural forms part of Brighton Council’s initiative to encourage talented graffiti artists to give run-down buildings in the area a new lease of life by displaying their art. Other pieces on show include a huge crab and a replication of the artist Banksy’s famous “kissing coppers” piece.