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Facelift Announces Photography Competition

Facelift Announces Photography Competition

15 March 2010 Email this article

Facelift have decided to launch the first in a series of competitions to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We will be giving away the use of one of our 22-metre ascendant trucks for one week to a lucky photographer.

The prize will include full training on how to use the vehicle and we will be happy to share the images from our lucky winner with the entire Facelift community.

For more details and to enter, please visit the competition page.

Professional photographer, Mark Mercer provided Facelift with the following insights.

Cherry Pickers - Photography at Height

Finding that perfect camera angle, a viewpoint that provides a unique prospective is every photographers primary challenge. Getting up off the ground is often the only way to get that great shot that knocks your clients socks off.

In the twenty years I’ve been a pro photographer, I have tried just about everything to get up high and beat the competition. Ten-foot ladders on top of a Land Rover in a gale on a Welsh beach was never going to be a good idea, neither was going up in a endlessly revolving concrete bucket dangling from a tower crane in Beirut with a hung-over Art Director and a Hasselblad.

The answer my friends is not blowing in the wind, its tall and secure, ticking your clients budget, access and health and safety requirements, it’s a cherry picker.

Getting above the action for sports broadcasters and photographers is a fantastic way of showing the scale of an event, be it the Open Golf, the London Marathon or your local triathlon. Broadcasters are able to follow major news events, like celebrity weddings or funerals, without the high cost and disturbance of a helicopter. For architectural & industrial photographers shooting buildings, you can get above ugly car parks and also reduce the effects of vertical perspective.

Cherry pickers are also great for shooting the factory floor, all those workers and machines seen from above make great time-lapse movies. Advertising and editorial car photographers can produce cool creative images and fashion shooters can let their imaginations and models run wild. How about getting a unique wedding group shot from above, the bride is going to bananas when she sees it.

So, I have mentioned just a few examples of uses for cherry pickers, now selecting the right type for your shoot. Things you’ll need to consider are: access to the site, is it internal or external, rough terrain, are there multiple locations, weight restrictions of vehicle and how many people do you need to take up.

The truck mounted platforms like the Ascendant and Brontos are the most versatile and are very stable, with heights from 17 to 61 metres and up to 37 metres of outreach, they can be driven around to multiple sites and set up quickly and easily. The Aichi 14 is an incredible truck mount that has 6 sqm of platform and can carry a ton or 8 to 10 people plus equipment. For Internal shoots there are the Spider and Mantis narrow access platforms, these can access through a standard doorway and reach up to 37 metres, they are a more complex machine so helpful to have an operator.

Mark Mercer - www.markmercerphotography.co.uk