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Facelift flashback - Christmas lights, camera, action: Facelift featured in Ridley Scott Associates' film

Facelift flashback - Christmas lights, camera, action: Facelift featured in Ridley Scott Associates' film

2 December 2019 Email this article

We’re always ready for our close up here at Facelift, so we were delighted to be asked if we would like to feature in Sainsbury’s new Christmas advert – ‘Christmas in a Day’ – which was created by eminent director Ridley Scott’s film company Ridley Scott Associates (RSA).

Stop-frame footage filmed by us of our team assembling the lights on the Christmas tree in London’s Trafalgar Square last year will be shown in the opening scene of the film, which is otherwise comprised of footage gathered from over 360 hours of material recorded by ordinary people on Christmas day.  It aims to document how Christmas is experienced by people from all walks of life up and down the country.

The film is the sequel to ‘Life in a day’, which follows the same simple model and captures how different people experienced a given day in the year. It has since received 8 million views on Youtube.

Facelift’s inclusion in ‘Christmas in a Day’ comes after Scott Free Films, part of RSA saw our footage on YouTube and got in touch requesting permission to use it in the film, which of course, we were more than happy to grant to grant.

The film is now being used as part of supermarket giant Sainsbury’s Christmas 2013 advertising campaign.

Tom Crew, Brand Director, said: “Erecting and decorating the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square is already one of the highlights of our annual calendar, but finding out that our work made the cut of this Ridley Scott Associates film is just the icing on the cake.

“I hope that the footage we recorded goes some way to showing people the sort of hard work and skill that goes in to making our cities look so festive each Christmas. On behalf of Facelift, I’d like to thank the photographer Mark Mercer, who stood in the rain with us for eight hours in order to capture the footage.”

Kevin Macdonald, who has also directed Marley, The Last King of Scotland and Touching the Void, directed the film. He said:  “When we made ‘Life in a Day’ we asked people around the globe to record their lives on a single ordinary day. When we were cutting that film we talked about what it might be like if we chose a day that already had significance to people. The result is ‘Christmas in a Day.’ Christmas is the one time in the whole year when ordinary British life is suspended. We have time to contemplate life and be with those we love.”

Watch the film 'Christmas in a day' or to see Facelift’s full video, click here