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Facelift Flashback: Banksy is in Brighton...or is he?

Facelift Flashback: Banksy is in Brighton...or is he?

Back in April 2014, World famous graffiti artist Banksy was making headlines yet again, as his famous ‘Kissing Coppers’ art popped up again in Brighton.

While the question on everyone’s lips was whether the image was the work of the elusive artist himself or just an excellent reproduction there was one thing that we knew for certain: Facelift’s access equipment was used in order to reach the required heights.

And the arrival of the artwork was undoubtedly in tune with the current zeitgeist, appearing on the front of the derelict Astoria cinema just a few days after same-sex marriage was legalised in the UK, leading some to wonder if the drawing was a cheeky political statement.