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  Facelift flashback: Facelift helps pass the Olympic flame with Bear Grylls

Facelift flashback: Facelift helps pass the Olympic flame with Bear Grylls

27 July 2018 Email this article

Back in 2012, Facelift’s enjoyed a very special summer in which it played a role in the Olympic flame’s 28-day journey around the UK when it provided the kit to help the flame pass across the River Tyne on a zip wire at full speed – held by none other than TV’s famous adventurer Bear Grylls.

Using a Bronto 46 powered access platform, we raised Bear Grylls up into the rafters of the bridge – where he was to jump from the 195 ft. arch – and saw him land safely in the parade ground of HMS Calliope, whilst being watched by thousands of people.

At the Quayside, Grylls slid expertly down the 400m wire between the two bridges on the Tyne, amidst a celebration of fireworks. Despite being the youngest Briton in 1998 to conquer Mount Everest at 23, the TV presenter did admit to being a bit daunted on the day;

"I was kind of worried about the torch going out but it stayed alight - it was amazing.

I was a bit nervous about rope and fire but it was fine and we are in one piece."

He added: "I think you're not human if you're not nervous when you're standing 200ft up and it's blowing you around a little bit. It's a long drop.

It's still alight, we're alive and I'm super proud to have carried the torch."

View our footage of the event here