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Facelift helps liven up Big Bruv.

Facelift helps liven up Big Bruv.

2 June 2003 Email this article
This has to be one of Facelift's strangest days hire to date. On Wednesday of last week THE SUN newspaper hired one of our 22m GSR platforms to gain a birds eye view over the Big Bruv house. The headline in the following days paper read............... "THE Sun soared over the Big Bruv house in a cherry picker yesterday to ensure the contestants knew we were offering £50,000 for the first couple to bonk. Our very own Kid Brother-reporter Justin Penrose hovered 80ft above the compound on the machines extendable platform. And using a 35-watt loudhailer he yelled out our offer NINE times in a desperate bid to add some spice to the boring show." at the time we thought the David Beckham story was hard to beat!