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 Facelift invests in 30 super-safe Niftylift HR17 with SiOPS technology

Facelift invests in 30 super-safe Niftylift HR17 with SiOPS technology

6 June 2016 Email this article

Putting safety first certainly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your environmental credentials, as demonstrated by the Niftylift HR17 with SiOPS technology.

And Facelift has just taken delivery of 30 of these models, which are one of a new generation of environmentally-friendly work platforms from Niftylift.

Manufactured in the UK and weighing just 4.9t the HR17 is more than 30% lighter than comparable US-designed machines, making it easier to manoeuvre and reducing both ground pressure and fuel use - good for lowering costs and lowering the impact on the environment.

These models also incorporate ToughCage and Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System (SiOPS®) technologies for additional operator protection. A tough impact resistant composite base and larger cross-section steel gives the ToughCage strength and durability, while because the SiOPS® system offers additional operator protection by cutting out instantly when it senses the operator being forced onto the controls, the risk of entrapment injuries is greatly reduced.

Facelift’s investment in the HR17 is part of the company’s ongoing fleet expansion, which will see us replacing all of our self-propelled booms with new ones fitted with the SiOPS® safety system.