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Facelift pulls the 'udder' one

Facelift pulls the 'udder' one

6 December 2005 Email this article
Facelift has been awarded our most unusual contract to date. Working in conjunction with the south east based ?Cow Parade? company, they will be assisting to move custom made cows into unusual places in aid of showcasing local art and helping to attract local tourism. They will, of course, be using different types of ?cowlifts? from its fleet, The cows, which weigh in at 70-80kg, designed by local artists reflecting local culture and styles, are then offered for £5,000 of sponsorship. They are then place strategically in various towns & cities for a period of 3 months. After this period they are auctioned off with 75% of proceeds going to charity. To date approximately 9 million pounds has been raised for charity. Chicago in USA estimated that the cows brought in a further three million visitors to the city. Manchester are estimating an increase of 1 million visitors once the cows are in place. At a recent charity auction, a staggering £100,000 was paid for one of the cows. Paris, Budapest, and Rome all have plans for cow parade events in the near future. The ?Cow Parades? are actually the worlds largest public art events. Managing Director of Facelift Mr Gordon Leicester, who was significantly wearing a pair of green wellies and hat said ?I believe we?ve really bucked the trend on this one, its a Heff of a job!?