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Facelift shortlisted for Guardian Sustainable Business Awards

Facelift shortlisted for Guardian Sustainable Business Awards

30 March 2013 Email this article

We take our responsibilities to the environment very seriously here at Facelift, so we were delighted to hear we’ve been shortlisted for a prestigious Guardian Sustainable Business Award. 

We are being considered for one of these sought-after awards because of the innovative measures we’ve taken to lessen our carbon footprint and to have placed sustainability as a key principal of our business practice. 

We called our energy saving project Facelift Business Innovation or FBI for short - There are two others shortlisted in our category - The National Trust and British Land PLC, so we're feeling bouyanntly optimistic of the awards outcome.

"Congratulations to all who have reached the shortlist. Competition was fierce and the judges were resoundingly impressed by the range and quality of the entries." - The Guardian

As a company working in a carbon intensive sector, we’ve been exploring how to reduce our carbon consumption for more than a decade.

Steps we’ve taken include everything from upgrading our fleet; investing in the most fuel efficient powered access equipment, and electric, bi fuel equipment - to being careful about how much paper we use internally.

Key changes we’ve implemented include: 

• Reducing oil use by 130,000 litres per year through fleet improvements 

• Installing a 93% efficient wood boiler for office/workshop heating, saving 22,000 litres oil per year

• Installing time switches, movement sensors and LED lighting in depots – saving £5,000 per year on energy bills and greatly reducing carbon use

• Recycling old electronic equipment (WEEE) and printer cartridges and sending old tyres to be re-used in developing nations

• Changing to e-comms internally and externally, saving 16,000 tonnes of paper per year

• Installing waterless urinals saving 200,000 litres of water per annum

The good news is that many of the changes we’ve introduced to our fleet not only help our customers lower their carbon footprint, they also help them to reduce fuel costs too. What’s not to like? 

Thanks to all of our customers and staff for their support and who've helpled us get this far!

See the Guardian Shortlist Here

The winners are announced later on May the 16th. Fingers crossed!