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 Festive tips for safely using ladders

Festive tips for safely using ladders

30 November 2016 Email this article

 'Tis the season to be jolly! As many people are starting to put up their Christmas decorations it is important remind ourselves how to safely use ladders.

  • Use the correct one for the job – Loft ladder, leaning ladder or stepladder.
  • Check it’s safe – Are the treads firm, clean and in good condition?
  • Lock it down – Before climbing make certain the metal braces are firmly locked in place.
  • Face the ladder – Arrange your ladder so you are doing work facing the ladder and not away from it. Never risk stretching up or overreaching.
  • Watch the doors – If the ladder must be placed near a door, make sure it can’t swing open and knock over the ladder. Also make anyone in the area aware that you are just outside the door.
  • Keep your shoes clean – Check that the soles of your shoes are clear of mud, water and grease before ascending a ladder.
  • Don’t cut corners – If you find yourself needing to cheat a bit to arrange the ladder a certain way or you need more height, just get a different ladder or alter the situation to fit the ladders capabilities.

Deck the halls on a stepladder not a dining chair.

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