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Fuel efficient Volvos added to fleet

Fuel efficient Volvos added to fleet

25 March 2011 Email this article

As part of our commitment to making our fleet greener and reducing our vehicle emissions, we have invested in five new Volvo 26 tonne beavertails with Andover trailers, these were customised specifically for our needs for maximum fuel efficiency to give us the greatest number of miles per gallon, they were also designed to have the largest carrying capacity, allowing us to move more machines at one time and greatly improving efficiency from our previous fleet of beavertails.

Our intention is that by investing in these new vehicles we will not only cut down our co2 emissions, but will also see us benefit from reduced fuel costs and also less downtime for maintenance, which in addition will allow us to continue to offer our customers an effective and quality service at a fair price. We have also added two new low loaders with Andover trailers to our fleet that will also reduce our co2 emissions, fuel costs and downtime but most importantly to our customers - will enable us to commit to more deliveries and enable us to move larger machines more freely throughout the country.