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 Get ready for changes to the HS&E test this month

Get ready for changes to the HS&E test this month

2 June 2019 Email this article

The Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test for the construction industry is being updated on 26 June 2019.

From this date, the following changes will be introduced to the test from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB):

Up to date with current practice and legislation: CITB has worked with construction health and safety managers and trainers to review all of the tests. Where needed, questions have been updated in line with current legislation and to fit the needs of workers and employers.

A level playing field: CITB worked closely with industry experts to level all of the questions within the operatives test so that all tests taken are of equal difficulty.

One score to pass: Behavioural case studies have been removed from the test. This means there is now only one section of questions to score, making the scoring simpler to understand.

New questions and a new style: New questions have been added across all tests to better cover the wide range of daily health, safety and environment tasks and responsibilities. A brand-new drag and drop question style has been introduced to the Managers and Professionals (MAP) test.

Clearer instructions: Following feedback from test centres that many workers struggled with the instructions for using test equipment, CITB has improved the on-screen tutorial so that candidates can now learn how to operate the equipment during the test.

Updated revision materials: Revision materials have been updated to reflect all changes and the operative’s versions now include explanatory text and images as well as questions and answers. For all tests on or after 26 June 2019 you will need the new 2019 versions. If you are taking the test before this date, you will need the 2018 versions.