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Goat rescued from cliff by cherry picker

Goat rescued from cliff by cherry picker

3 March 2016 Email this article

This is the dramatic moment fire crews were forced to use a cherry picker to rescue a goat from the side of a gorge in Somerset.

The nervous animal scrambled down the steep cliff face at Cheddar Gorge, but seemingly forgot how to get back up.

Emergency services and the RSPCA were brought in to help the frightened goat, which was carried on to the aerial platform, at around 10.30am on Monday.

People looked on as it was brought safely to earth, checked over by an RSPCA inspector and then released.

Tom McDonald, who took the photos of the goat, said the animal was 100ft from the bottom of the gorge.

Mr McDonald, from Cheddar, Somerset, said: "It was a sheer drop down to the bottom."