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Hard hitting safety campaign from Canada

Hard hitting safety campaign from Canada

26 January 2012 Email this article

This Ladder safety commercial from Canada is for Prevent-It.ca, their hard-hitting campaign is to raise awareness about occupational health and safety.

The campaign includes provocative television ads that depict “accidents” and talk about how they could have been prevented. The ads are graphic and disturbing but the message is simple.

The ads are designed to get people talking about the importance of workplace safety and to help change the mindset that says workplace injuries and illnesses are inevitable and acceptable. The only acceptable number of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities is zero.

Kick-off events for the campaign were held in Hamilton, Ottawa, London, Thunder Bay, and Toronto. At a press conference in Toronto’s Union Station, WSIB Chair Steven Mahoney acknowledged that the television ads are shocking and and difficult to watch. “We’re not afraid to be controversial.

This is not a feel-good campaign. We’ll feel good when the number of injuries and fatalities go down.” A key message of the campaign is the idea that creating a safe workplace is everyone’s responsibility. “We’re not pointing a finger at the employer or the worker,” says Mahoney. “We need to bring them together to solve this problem.” In 1998, the WSIB adopted “the elimination of all workplace illnesses and injuries” as its vision statement.

Today, we’re taking that vision beyond words in a call to action for all Ontarians. There are potential hazards in every workplace; each one of us needs to take some responsibility for eliminating those hazards and keeping ourselves and each other healthy and safe at work.

The WSIB, along with its health and safety partners, is working toward achieving a fundamental change in attitude and behaviour towards occupational health and safety in Ontario – a change from a society which accepts workplace injuries and fatalities, to one which embraces health and safety. We want Ontario to have the safest workplaces in the world. If we believe it we can do it.

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