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1 October 2012 Email this article

A UK-based harness manufacturer and distributor has tackled one of the more weighty health and safety issues of our times, by increasing the certified capacity for its ZT harnesses from 100kg to 150kg.

Innovations in the field of PPE are being made all the time, and it’s a step in the right direction that one of the most user-friendly harnesses on the block is now available to all workers, whatever their size.

Previously all ZT (Zero Trauma) harnesses have been certified - like most harnesses - for people weighing up to 100kg (16 stone/220lbs). However, following further tests, the harnesses have now been certified to carry up to 150kg (23.5/330lbs). The harnesses come in a range of waist and leg sizes and the increased certification means that they can now be used by most contractors.

The ZT harness differs from others in that it is built into a pair of work trousers, meaning the user can wear it for long periods of time with minimum discomfort. Rather than having potentially dangerous groin straps, the ZT grips users by their calves, and pulls them into a foetal position in the event of a fall – eliminating shock and suspension trauma.

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